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We often field queries about how our quantum chips and codes are imprinted with their necessary resonant information. We understand people's wish for this information of course. For obvious reasons we cannot divulge our methods specifically. However we can certainly give a pretty good indication...

Let us turn immediately to the work of German physicist, Burkhard Heim:

Heim's 12 dimensions are postulated as follows:

X1-3: Material world. Space
X4: Time
X5, 6: Implementation, Possibilities (Structure = Manifested information)
X7,8: Information fields
X9-12: Hyperspace - Origin

Our chips and codes function by virtue of transmitting the relevant resonant information from the higher dimensions of the pure information fields X7,8. Essentially they act primarily as antennae to ground the quantum field information to the 3 D level.

Now we draw on a series of free pdfs by Willy De Maeyer and Gabriele Breyer of Matrix informational to investigate further... The pdfs can be viewed in full at their website... 

We thank them for making this information available. Here it appears condensed, for education purposes...


“The Heim theory, [is] a collection of breathtaking ideas about the fundamental laws of physics proposed by the German scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1980’s. This valuable and remarkable theory was further refined and developed by Walter Dröscher and Jochem Häuser. The theory is a perfect unification of quantum theory and general relativity.

Heim’s pioneering work of the 12 dimensional structures of the universe is a first glance at how information fields can be defined and situated.


During his studies and research work, he aimed at describing all existing physical fields and their origins as dynamic properties of geometrical structures present in space.

Between 1949 and 1959, he worked very hard on his unified field theory and published in 1959 his first article “Principle of Dynamic Contrabarie".  In 1953, he was already able to represent his unified Hermitian field theory in a six-dimensional space (R6)!

Heim developed a mathematical approach based on quantizing space-time itself, and proposed the "metron" as a (2-dimensional) quantum of (multidimensional) space. Part of the theory is formulated in terms of difference operators; Heim called the mathematical formalism "selector calculus”.

He developed his own mathematics in order to be able to make reliable calculations to higher dimensions. Stunning is the fact that Heim “invents” words to describe situations and theories never heard of before.

Heim found out that structure-giving processes in the material world are obviously controlled by non-material highly complex structures in a coordinate space (X5 and X6). They seem to exist as dynamically interchangeable “structural forms”. In other words dynamic structural signs, forms and shapes that exist both non-polar and non-local but that can always function at any moment anywhere in the Universe.

These structural forms are dynamic and in evolution. He understood the core of a human being as having a structure in X5 and X6 possessing a rather high complexity.

According to Heim, the four dimensional (visible) world represents only the lower level of the Universe. X5 and X6 are the energetic stimulation fields and X7 and X8 can be designated as being the information fields. The communication between the three dimensions we live in with the organizational fields X5 and X6 as well as the information fields X7 and X8 happens via X4 (Time).

X5 and X6 are considered as being the organizational level or also called the transition levels. They are absolutely necessary, because in the information levels X7 and X8, there is no time and space or in other words there is non-locality and non-polarity. So, to be able to understand and work with the information in our three dimensions, they must be transformed into a local and polar structure. This is the reason that X5 and X6 are called structural levels.

The Heim theory shows us a world of organizational structures that are in permanent actualization. The complete information pattern of any creature or process can be found back in the higher information fields X7 and X8.


Information fields are some times related to concepts such as Chu, Ether, Orgone, Shiva/Shakita concepts, Zero Point, Free Energy, Akashic Records and many others. The most important and most complete are the Morphic Fields from Rupert Sheldrake

As explained earlier, information fields (or morphic fields as described by Sheldrake) don’t contain energy, but they are an organizing principle responsible for the creation and direction of energy. This is very important, because, as mentioned earlier, information is to be found in the information fields X7 and X8, and these fields are in a superior position than the structural fields X5 and X6, the fields where energy is created in function of which priorities are coming through from the information fields.

All processes, being natural or man-made, are associated with information fields. The information fields “dictate” the energy fields. Be aware of the fact that information fields contain all possible information.

Quantum healing is a good example that shows very clearly how the available information can be used with imaginative and creative efforts backed up with intention. New pathways of body functioning can be formed and are accessible to everybody.


We know that on the information level, space and time do not exist, which means that non-local, non-polar information needs to be transformed into a bi-polar and local structure in our three dimensional space and time. We are able to optimize organizational processes as such, that during crisis situations an optimal solution can be implemented. The reason is that by being able to communicate with X7 and X8, the coordinating dimensions X5 and X6 can be re-programmed.

We also mentioned earlier that the most important physical and physiological procedures take place in X5 and X6. As photons can be considered as interactions between time and X5–X6, and as photons are conveying the information coming from X7 and X8, we can conclude that photons are to be considered as being on a higher level than matter. This explains the positive effects of informational therapy.

Chemistry (pills and drugs) function only on the material–physical level, and that’s too late! Why? Because cell communication takes place in X1, X2 and X3 using bio-photons as mentioned earlier.

Time is also the medium through which, with up-to-date equipment, the information fields can be contacted, and a communication can be developed.

These procedures happen through the space’s own vibrations, including the different dimensions, including time.

Nikolai Kozyrev describes these processes as time waves.

Through time waves information and life intelligence are spread.

The set of these described interactions is mentioned by Burkhard Heim as being an exchange of photons. Let’s put it in another way: photons are light particles, but photons are also interactions of time with X5 and X6! Diseases, bankruptcies, accidents and other critical situations during natural or man-made processes are steered and directed by the coordinating dimensions X5 and X6.

Knowing this, we are able to optimize organizational processes as such that during crisis situations an optimal solution can be implemented. The reason is that by being able to communicate with X7 and X8, the coordinating dimensions X5 and X6 can be re-programmed. Once again, in X7 and X8 all pure information fields of all life and technical processes are available.

This explains perfectly processes such as the migration of the Monarch butterfly or any other beautiful examples of research work of Rupert Sheldrake. It is indeed possible to reconnect an object, creature or process with its original information field. This is done using intention without the use of any instrument by connecting to X9-X12. The encountered (timeless) structures of G4 show up in our three dimensional world through time and in the form of interfering probability amplitudes guiding matter and energy.


Another way to look at these extremely interesting and revolutionary issues is to consider the condensation of X4, X5 and X6 becoming visible in our 3D world through photons and EM waves. This means that photons carry messages from both transition zones with them.


It is certainly not a secret that modern medicine is still 100% in favor of a symptomatic approach. It corresponds completely to the mechanistic Newtonian approach, where the human being is considered as a machine where you can replace defect parts, and pamper the patient (customer) with the necessary drugs.

Medical doctors still are considered as the modern medicine man that is able to help you survive in any circumstance. There are absolutely no critics on the excellent work done in the emergency rooms of most hospitals but there are so many mistakes made in general medicine praxis’s, all due to symptomatic approaches.


The MD’s are only interested in the physical facts presented as such. Nobody is interested in the “holistic” approach or in the reason why it turned out wrong with the patient. A shocking example (one of the many!) is the “treatment of ADHD: Ritalin (methylphenidate) has become one of the most popular drugs of the 21st century.




The global standing wave explains not just a whole range of quantum mechanical phenomena, but constitutes the basis for a totally new tele-communications technology which was publicly demonstrated for the first time on 27th October 2001 in Bad Tölz, Germany. 

G-com technology is still in its infancy (a first language modulation succeeded in July of 2001), but in two important aspects it is already far superior to any other conventional means of information transmission.

Firstly, a modulated standing gravitational wave can be demodulated in any location on Earth, on planet Mars, or even outside the solar system at the very same moment in time, thus making distances and transmission times meaningless. Secondly, no waves are generated nor transmitted which is why G-com technology does not require aerials, satellites, amplifiers or converters. This launches a new – electric smog free - era of tele-communications, free from electric smog.

All of these phenomena are physical effects which arise at the transition from logarithmic into linear space. The standing wave in logarithmic space now allows us to communicate across astronomical distances practically without time delay." 






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